Generate TPD

The first generation option is TPD. In order to use this feature, one needs to select a Transaction Kind and click TPD in the list. This reveals a few additional features.

When you are generating the elements and the diagram, you can choose between 3 TPD versions: Happy, Standard and Extended. This is done with the checkboxes. If standard is unselected, a TPD Happy flow will be generated.

The option to generate a TPD.

To see the difference between a happy, standard or extended TPD, please look at this page or watch the gifs below, which show the final versions at the end.

If you wish to only generate elements, you can select the “Create Elements Only” option. Note that the Diagram option is only included in the extended license.

This will only create the transaction steps of a transaction.

For users of the old tool, there is an option to remove the old connector types and replace them by new ones.

To start off, select a transaction kind in the OCD. Note: If you made connection with this transaction in a PSD, you might see yellow lines.

We start with generating the basic TPD. Consisting of only the 5 basic states.

Note: The yellow lines are caused by connections in the PSD

The next option is Standard.

Generating a standard TPD

The last option, the extended diagram.

Generating an extended TPD