New User

If you are new to Plena, there are a few steps you have to do before you can get started. In order to get a license, navigate to the Settings menu. From there, click on the license tab. The “Your Code” entry will be empty.

The license screen

In order to get a code, click on Generate Code. A new code has appeared in the text box. You can now click Confirm, and your will receive your Plena license.

Existing User

If you already have a Plena License code, enter your code in the text box and click on confirm. Please remember that License codes are per person, per computer, and that your code will not work if you are already using it on another computer.

If you wish to change your license type, or the computer that you use it on, please contact us.


If you have a basic license, (which is valid for a year) and you wish to renew it, simply click on the renew button. Note that this can only be done if the code expires in a month.

Everytime you open Plena, it will request your license type from our database. This is logged to keep licenses working properly. This registration is only used for licensing and will not be used for other purposes